Brand New 徳赢棋牌下载Office Space in Summit,NJ

Summit 徳赢棋牌下载Office Space for Rent

The perks of working in downtown Summit...

Downtown Summit is hopping with activity,and your business can be as well.

You've already found the perfect place to live.Now,you've found the perfect place to work.Located on the 2nd floor,vwin棋牌Office Evolution Summit has an 徳赢棋牌下载office space perfect for your business.

徳赢棋牌下载Office Space options in Summit

vwin棋牌Office Evolution Summitoffers:  22 offices available for rent,4 micro offices, two vwin棋牌游戏conference rooms,a flexible drop incoworking spaceand flexible seating.We provide our members with their choice of 徳赢棋牌下载office space options.

  • Interior

    Perfect for the business or professional who's looking to focus and work.Tune out distractions,put on the headphones,hold conference calls and grow your business.Offices range in size from approx.50 150 sqft.
  • Exterior

    Overlook Springfield avenue while your business grows.Exterior offices (or executive suites) range in size from approx.90 150 sqft.Perfect for one person or share the office with a coworker.
  • Temporary

    Only need an office for an hour or two while you meet with a client?We've got you covered.Rent a fully furnished 徳赢棋牌下载office space to make a great first impression and close the deal.

Each 徳赢棋牌下载office space comes complete with:

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Dedicated telephone line (with handset)
  • Ethernet & wireless internet connections
  • 24/7 facility access
  • Receptionist - to greet you and your guests
  • Professional business mailbox and mailing address
  • and much more.

Springfield Ave and downtown Summit are bustling with activity...and a great place for a growing business.Mayor Nora Radest talked about the desire to nurture growing businesses in her2017 State of the Cityaddress in which she states,

"It is our goal to develop our Transit Village status,bringing housing,businesses and people into our downtown..."

Summit,NJ is the perfect "small little town" to rent an office and grow your business.

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*Heading photo pulled from NY Times article -Summit,N.J.,a Place to Grow Into and Stay